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Founded in 2012 by our blended Inupiaq and Athabascan family here in Kenai, Alaska we wanted to create healthy natural bath and body care products while incorporating Indigenous herbs grown and found in our beautiful country.  

It all started after my mom and I had been berry picking way too long for a 70+ year old grandmother with double artificial hips. She was so sore I went to look for something to help and found some wormwood salve…it worked wonderfully. My auntie sent me home with some wormwood and I began creating modern recipes after researching Alaska Native herbs, carrier oils as well as Western herbal properties and blended the best of all into luxurious affordable salves, lotions, soaps and salts.

We support continued Indigenous knowledge on traditional herbal and plant use and will use 5% of our net product sales to create an Indigenous Herbal non-profit organization that will bring together Inupiat, Yupik, Athabascan, Tlingit and Alutiiq wild crafters.

You may also find the following books helpful, just Google the titles and authors to find locations to purchase:

1989-Discovering Wild Plants-Alaska, Western Canada, the Northwest; Janice J Schofield. Eaton (press);

1999-Medicinal Flora of the Alaska Natives; Ann Garibaldi; Alaska Natural Heritage Program, Environment and Natural Resources Institute, University of Alaska Anchorage.

2000-The Flora of South Central Alaska-A handbook for Field Identification of Common Lichens, Mosses, Liverworts and Vascular Plants; Boyd J Shaffer. University of Alaska Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula College.

2010-Plants That We Eat, Nauriat Niginaqtuat; Anore Jones, University of Alaska Press Fairbanks.

2011-The Boreal Herbal-Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North; Beverley Gray, Aroma Borealis Press, Canadian Circumpolar Institute.

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About Indigenous Herbals Inc.
Tia M Holley, Founder
King Island Inupiaq living in Athabascan country.  I have a passion to learn about Alaskan plants, especially traditional uses.  As an Alaska Native living in the modern world  I love to blend indigenous herbal medicines with new ingredients.  As a mother and a student I strive to make healthy affordable family care products.
Committed to high quality affordable Natural bath and body products and preserving Native Knowledge